Transform Your Love for Dogs into a Rewarding Career

Providing Healing Touch through Canine Massage Using the Lang Method

Lang Institute for Canine Massage practicum

Do You Dream of a Career that Fulfills Your Desire to Work with Dogs?

Sadly, many of us feel stuck in a career (or job) that doesn’t ignite our passions. Maybe you’re stuck behind a desk, dealing with challenging students, or calming a difficult boss or unruly customers… Yet, at the end of the day, you just want to hang out with dogs and do something fulfilling.

But where do you start?! It can be challenging to find a path that offers personal fulfillment along with professional growth, especially in an expanding industry. That’s where canine massage comes in.

Introducing the Lang Institute for Canine Massage

At the Lang Institute, we offer a comprehensive canine massage program. This best-in-class program empowers you to transform your passion for dogs into a rewarding career, working with clients you love.

The Lang Institute offers a comprehensive, flexible, expert-led program designed to help you succeed with:

A Comprehensive Curriculum

Self-Paced Home Study Hands-on Practicum

Ongoing Support

In-depth training in canine anatomy, physiology, and proven massage techniques. Learn at your own convenience, even if you currently have another job. Gain real-world experience with over 100 dogs in an inspiring, fun-filled 4-day workshop. Join a supportive community. You can even retake the practicum yearly at no extra cost.

Apply today and save $150.00 (when paid in full) with our early bird discount. That’s just  $3,750 (normally $3,900).*  Don’t delay, though, as this early bird offer ends April 1, 2024.

Simply call 970-691-3985 or email for your application today.
Or learn more here: Canine Massage Program 2024 Catalog

What Other Successful Graduates Say About Learning Canine Massage with the Lang Institute

“…the Lang Institute has the most extensive curriculum and hands-on training. The four-day practicum was invaluable and exceeded my expectations. The Lang Institute for Canine Massage prepared me with a solid foundation of the highest level of skills needed and the confidence to build my canine massage career.”

Linda, 2017 graduate

“Canine anatomy, physiology, pathology, movement, nutrition, breeds and behaviors, and business practices were all integral parts of the program. No other program even comes close… My clients come to me because of the training and skills learned from Joanne Lang. There may be cheaper programs and easier requirements, but if you intend to be a PROFESSIONAL canine massage provider, the Lang Institute will give you the skills and knowledge to develop your own business and clientele who will stay with you.”

Jim, 2004 graduate

 “It’s wonderful when a career and a passion come together – for me, that is canine massage. The Lang Institute for Canine Massage gave me the skills and confidence I needed to move forward and start my own business. Since graduating, I have massaged dogs in clients’ homes, at dog shows, and at animal shelters. Every dog and massage experience is unique, and I treasure every one of them.”

Onile, 2013 graduate

“I highly recommend the Lang Institute for Canine Massage. The teaching and the practicum were very knowledgeable. Joanne is a great instructor and is still a resource and encouragement for me as I grow my canine massage business.”

Christopher, 2011 graduate

Why Choose the Lang Institute?

While you can find basic training from other programs, the Lang Institute goes above and beyond with an in-depth curriculum, hands-on experience, and industry recognition. Compared to other industries for dog lovers (such as dog grooming or training), canine massage offers a unique blend of emotional fulfillment and lucrative career opportunities.

The pet wellness industry has seen a remarkable surge, reflecting a growing appreciation for the health and well-being of our furry companions. Canine massage, in particular, has emerged as pet owners embrace the need to promote their dog’s physical and emotional health.

The shift toward holistic pet care has not only increased the demand for skilled canine massage practitioners but also opened new avenues for people who are passionate about making a meaningful impact on the lives of the animals around them.

The Lang Institute for Canine Massage stands at the forefront of this evolving field, offering comprehensive training that empowers you to be a part of this rewarding and expanding industry.

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Ready to Transform Your Love for Dogs into a Rewarding Career?

You’ll have the most fun ever in our four-day intensive dog massage practicum this June 27 – 30, 2024.

Work hands-on with a variety of dog breeds, ages, conditions, and temperaments with specific techniques to promote their well-being. You’ll leave feeling confident in your abilities to succeed in this highly rewarding career for dog lovers!

Apply today and receive $150 off (when paid in full) with our amazing early bird discount. That’s just $3,750 (normally $3,900).*  Don’t delay, though, as this early bird offer ends April 1, 2024.

Simply call 970-691-3985 or email for an application.
Or learn more here: Canine Massage Program 2024 Catalog

* We accept checks, PayPal, MasterCard, and Visa. We also offer monthly payment plans.

This investment in yourself can open doors to a fulfilling and profitable career. Apply now to join our next graduating class and get started on your exciting, new, rewarding career today!

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