Home Study

Our home study program provides the foundation you’ll need to be prepared for our hands-on practicum.  Consisting of over 652 study hours of video demonstrations, online classes, homework assignments, and a comprehensive manual, it allows you to complete over 90% of the full course on your own time.  Learn at your own pace, while having access to our professional, experienced school faculty.

Dachsund studies a book

Here’s what you’ll learn in our home study program:

  Canine anatomy, physiology, pathology, massage, structure and movement, nutrition, disease, breeds and breed behavior, and hygiene.

  Massage styles to maintain canine wellness, to enhance sports performance, and to address specific medical conditions diagnosed by a veterinarian.

  Strategies for starting up your own canine massage business , including ethics and legal considerations of canine massage.

  How to analyze anatomical structure, movement, and areas of tension using the Lang System.

  How to proactively address future issues a dog might face, as well as correct challenges the dog already has.

  How to apply the skill of critical thinking when developing massage plans that meet the needs of each individual dog client.

  How to develop a deeper understanding of dogs.

  And much more!