Our Four-Day Hands-On Practicum

Taking notes at the Lang Institute for Canine Massage practicum

dog massage at the Lang Institute for Canine Massage practicum

Students practice dog massage techniques

Dogs, dogs, and more dogs!  This is the best fun ever!  We offer a four-day, intensive dog massage practicum that will allow hands-on work with a variety of breeds and temperaments, as well as a variety of dog ages, from young to old.

2024 Practicum dates:

  • June 27-30, 2024

Here’s what you’ll learn as part of the Lang System:

  • Dog massage techniques for common conditions, including arthritis and dysplasia, and for dogs that are elderly, overweight, or difficult to manage.
  • When to refer to veterinarians and how to work well with them and other animal professionals.
  • How to apply specific techniques to maintain canine wellness, enhance sports performance, and address specific medical conditions diagnosed by a veterinarian.
  • How to handle dogs with a variety of behaviors and dispositions, and how to have great interactions with owners.
  • Safe, effective exercises that will complement your dog massage.
  • How to improve canine performance at sporting events, dog shows, and in everyday life.
  • Safe and effective ways of getting dogs on and off the massage table, when to work on the floor, and many other techniques that will enhance your professionalism and dog massage.

Students learn canine skeletal anatomy

“The practicum was FUN and intensive –a place to put my new knowledge into action.  I received individualized, one-on-one instruction from Joanne.  She was always available to answer questions and provide feedback.  This hands-on experience really solidified my understanding of massage techniques and gave me a strong foundation to work from.  I also received many hours of practice in gait and posture analysis, which is an important part of being an effective canine massage provider.”  – Onile, 2013 graduate

Practicum students learn dog anatomy

Joanne Lang provides one-on-one instruction on dog massage techniques