Canine Massage

The Lang Institute for Canine Massage, home of the Lang System, is a teaching establishment founded with one mission in mind:

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To provide our students with the most professional training available in canine massage. This training enables you to work independently, or side-by-side with veterinarians and other canine professionals. We provide you with the knowledge needed to meet the needs of each canine client. Additionally, you will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to know when to refer to other canine professionals. We strive for excellence in the training we offer our students. We provide the tools and the training to help our graduates excel in the field of canine massage. And we encourage our students to always keep learning after they have completed our program.


Our School

The Lang Institute for Canine Massage is a Colorado state-approved program that has provided excellence in canine massage training since 1999.

Our Program

The Lang Institute for Canine Massage offers a comprehensive 688-hour program, designed to provide you with a solid foundation for starting your new career. We offer instruction for all levels, from beginners to experienced veterinarians and canine rehabilitation practitioners looking to expand their skills. Click on the paw print to learn more.

Home Study

Developed by board-certified, practicing veterinarians, PhDs, education specialists, and a Master Certified Massage Therapist, the Lang Institute's home study program provides the foundation you'll need to be prepared for our hands-on practicum.


Dogs, dogs and more dogs! We offer a four-day intensive practicum that will allow hands-on work with a variety of dog breeds and temperaments. Practicum Dates: (Tentative pending Covid-19 concerns) Oct. 29th-Nov. 1st, 2020 / June 24th-27th, 2021

The Lang System

The Lang System

The Lang System was developed by Joanne Lang, a Master Certified Massage Therapist who has over thirty years of experience massaging people, dogs, horses, and even an elephant! The Lang System is a unique combination of observation, massage, and exercise. This combination will help prepare a dog for whatever work or challenges it may encounter.

Fall (Tentative pending Covid-19 concerns) Oct 29th – Nov 1st 2020 / June 24th – 27th, 2021

Happy Graduates

Join our many graduates who have established professional canine massage businesses throughout the United States and beyond!

Upcoming Events

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Practicum Dates

Fall (Tentative pending Covid-19 concerns) Oct 29th – Nov.1st 2020 / June 24th – 27th, 2021