Lang System

Joanne Lang creator or the Lang System of canine massage

What is the Lang System?

The Lang System is a massage technique specific to dog anatomy and physiology. Developed by Joanne Lang, a Master Certified Massage Therapist (MCMT), this technique is a unique combination of observation, massage, and exercise:

  • Observation – How does the dog move? What is its posture?
  • Massage – How to best apply massage in the areas that will be most effective for each dog.
  • Exercise – How to use exercise to enhance movement and complement the massage.

In developing the Lang System, Joanne saw a genuine need to consider the entire dog, not just one specific area. Just as important was to create a method that would proactively address future issues a dog might face, preparing it for whatever work or challenges it may encounter.

“Many times, when we look at an animal, we miss much of the picture. I teach how to look at a dog’s overall balance and structure and understand how it is all tied together.” – Joanne Lang


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